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Beer Chang and Daruma Eco Farm

90 °F

Working on a farm is very very relaxed, though definitely a strange existence and experience. Multiple times nightly I would be woken up by the sounds of roosters cock-a-doodle-dooing and the female chickens just flat out making noise. Consistently they would raise a ruckus and wake me up a scant and open 2 wooden floors above them at such incredible hours like 2am, 5:00am, 6:20am, and 7:35am (every night, without fail). At the last random rooster call (around 7:30) i would deem it too sunny to attempt to sleep anymore and would finally rise out of bed. In the beginning of the week I would frequently get up to roosters squawking about attempting to see what all the hubbub was about to learn that they were merely having some chicken sex. Lovely. I frequently had to resist the urge to wring their scrawny little necks, eat them, and wring them again. It took great self restraint to limit the string of profanities at 2am in the morning. Luckily when I was so rudely awakened by the chickens at 6:30 i would turn over, look out the wood slats/ windows and see the sunrise, though definitely this wasnt the case when they went off at 2am... Oddly, I miss them.

After spending an hour or 2 reading I would go eat a freshly made breakfast of rice, egg, and something else. I ate a lot of rice. Rice, rice, rice, rice, rice, egg, rice, and more rice. Situated only a 1 hour bus drive (though a 3 1/2 train ride) south of Bangkok, it was about 98 degrees all the time. HOT HOT HOT! However, the bed was free, the chickens were free (sadly they were alive), the food was free and so was the work! Rice was the main staple for every meal so frequently me and the 2 Canadian dudes would walk the 1km to town and get Beer Chang for 44B (1.50 for 650ml, really cheap,) and some chocolate. I actually fell in love with some spicy squid flavored lays chips---dont judge me, they're good.

We had 2 days of work, 2 beach days, and 2 free days (aka movie watching and beer drinking days). The first beach we went to, Bang Saen, was SUPER touristy, asian people everywhere. The way it works is that they have tables, beach chairs, and umbrellas set up already on the beach, which you have to pay for and sit down at when you get there. We ordered some delicious squid (I forget what the fancy name is for that) and some beers and then split to find what Neil, the owner of the farm, called an excellent pizza place. The pizza was excellent especially since we had to walk 2km to it. We then got some Coconut rice in a bamboo pole from the local market. The market is famous for it, and for good reason. The bamboo wrapping was almost as cool as the dish itself. We then took a Songthaew (a converted truck to bus combo) back to Bang Phra and walked yet another 2km back to the farm. It was a good day. The second beach we went to, Ko Sichang, we had to take a boat to. It was much less touristy and very very fun--cheap beer, clear water, cheap food, and Kai broke the roof of a Tuk Tuk.

All and all i had a swell time (pardon the 1950s expression, it seemed to fit) at the farm. Simple life, simple pleasures and Beer Chang (pronounced Chung). Today i flew from Bangkok to Bali and I am now staying in the very touristy section called Kuta. However, tomorrow I am taking a bus (1 hr) to Padang Bai to commence my open water diving course on the 12th. I might just might stay at the hotel associated with my dive center, though it'll cost me 40 US a night.... Sigh. I really feel like being luxurious right now, i guess im just tired of being sweaty. Oh asia.

Off to go get lost seeking my hotel, Ronta Bungalows, in the narrow and windy streets of Kuta (no tv, no a/c, 11USD--sounds like my Southeast Asian motto/rhyme).

In Twilight news, I have started the final and fourth book. I walked into the book shop 10m down the street from my hotel and there she was, waiting for me. (I am almost finished with another book called The Beach).

Love to everyone,

P.S. The folks might visit in February!!!! Yay!

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